The Happiest Place on Earth

My first big trip? Wow, that’s a tough one. When you’re a kid a trip anywhere new is big! What I would call my first big trip was our first visit to Disneyland! My dad had delivered a lot of the lumber used to make Disneyland a reality. An added bonus were the free passes Disney provided to all the workers and their families! I could hardly wait.

My dad, however could. Although Disneyland opened in the summer of 1955, he didn’t take us until late 1956, early 1957. I was probably around 6 and a half or 7 when we finally went. The anticipation was killer. When he first got the tickets my sister and I would constantly be bugging about going. After awhile it became apparent that he was going to take us when he takes us. Until that day we had to be satisfied watching the wonderful world of Disney and The Mickey Mouse Club. The waiting is the hardest part.

The day finally arrived and we were Disneyland bound! The anticipation was killer! The drive to Anaheim took forever. Everything seemed to be happening in slow motion, I remember wondering if we’d ever get there. I was so excited I had to pee, but there was no way I was going to ask my dad to stop. We were on a mission! Fortunately, I was able to hold it until we got to the park Thank God!

My dad could be a funny guy. He really seemed to enjoy watching us squirm. Ir was the whole “Are we there yet, How much further?” scene, with my sister and I, asked every few minutes. Suddenly, without warning, he announced that we were there! Up ahead I could see the big block letters marking the Disneyland entrance. I could hardly believe my eyes, we were really there! We’d made it! Let the adventure begin.

Our visit to the park was amazing! Main Street was even more incredible than it looked on TV! My favorites rides were the Jungle Boat Cruise and Tom Sawyer Island! They were so cool! To this day I can still see my dad and me on the raft ride to Tom Sawyer Island, then exploring the pirate’s secret hideout. It was so much fun! Unfortunately, my sister was too small to go on the raft so she and my mom had to wait for us. I really wanted to ride the Davey Crockett canoes but there was a super, long line, so we went on the big Mississippi Steamship instead.

We stayed at the park until really late. I don’t recall if they had fireworks or not but they did have a Main Street parade. It was cool! We couldn’t believe how many different Disney characters were in the parade, it was incredible! After the Main Street Parade, we went to a portrait shop where my sister and I had our silhouettes done, black on a white background. I still have mine and have them hanging in my man cave. But my favorite souvenir of my first big trip to the happiest place on Earth was my Davey Crockett coonskin cap! Sure wish I still had one!

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“Responsibilities, We’ve All Still Got Them.”

A person with lots of responsibilities.

Responsibilities! We all have them, some of us have more than others. To me, responsibility is having direct control or authority over my actions or decisions and being held accountable for them.  I control them, I am the only one who can live up to them or shy away from them.

We begin to learn about responsibility and the consequences for not living up to them during childhood. For example, as a boy, it was my responsibility to keep the backyard free of weeds. My dad mowed and edged the lawn, but the weeding was my job. There were never any incentives for doing it only consequences for not getting it done. In school, I was responsible for behaving and getting good grades.

As I grew older and began driving I had even more responsibility. My dad would always remind me that whenever I was behind the wheel, I was responsible for the lives of my passengers. Then I entered the working world and the responsibilities kept a coming!  Soon came adulthood and I got married and had children and bought a house! My God, it was like responsibility overload!

There came a time when I began to doubt myself and didn’t believe I was capable of handling so much responsibility. I was afraid and even considered running away! Can you imagine, a grown man in his twenty-teens thinking about leaving it all behind and beginning again elsewhere, new name, new game. Thank God that crazy idea didn’t last long, and in time I conquered my fears and learned to accept my responsibilities. I’ve taken my responsibilities seriously ever since.

When I was still working there were a whole lot of mornings that Mr. Responsibility and I debated the likelihood of my staying home. Responsibility usually won out. I remember this one particular morning a few months before I retired, I woke up around 4:30 AM feeling horrible. I hadn’t slept well and my back was killing me. I managed to drag myself out of bed and headed to the medicine cabinet. For lack of anything stronger I took some Tylenol and laid back down. I awoke again at 7 and still felt miserable. I thought about staying home and had nearly succeeded in convincing myself that staying home was the best option. I mean that’s what sick days are for, I was justified, or so I thought.

Have you ever noticed how Mr. Responsibility has a way of showing up when you really don’t want him to? I reached for my phone and there he was, in my head trying to mess up my sick day. Oh, and he was insistent. There was no way I could miss work, not that day, one counselor was already scheduled to be out leaving only 2 counselors to run the show. Then he reminded me that we were beginning 12th-grade registration that morning. Leaving Dave to shoulder the load alone. How could I even think about doing that to him? Pain be damned, I had to go in.

On the other hand, hadn’t I covered for him in the past? He kept saying all the time that he owed me, and didn’t the boss say on Friday she was willing to help out if needed?  Besides, it wasn’t like I was faking or anything, my back was really hurting.  Worse case they could postpone registration which would put us all behind.  What to do?

The debate raging in my mind was reminiscent of a scene from the movie Animal House in which one of the characters, Pinto, is faced with a moral dilemma and is visited by his conscience – an angel and his dark side – a devil. He is bombarded by advice from both. Eventually, he makes the right decision, as did I. I blame it on the guilt but that’s just about the time my sense of responsibility kicked in.  I slowly got up, dressed and headed for work.

Chalk up another one for responsibility…

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Throwback Thursday: “Living Dolls! Love the Skin You’re In” 2014

Did anyone happen to watch CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Sunday night? It’s a great show, but I gotta tell you Sunday night’s episode was way over the top for me! A real mind blower. It dealt with the murder of a ‘rubber doller’s and the subsequent investigation took the team into the crazy world of ‘rubber dolling’. If you’re not familiar with the term ‘rubber dolling’, you’re not alone, I didn’t have a clue. I’d never heard of ‘rubber dolling’ until Sunday night.

After watching the entire show I began to wonder if this rubber dolling phenomenon was the real deal. But then I figured  since it was taking place in Las Vegas, the sin city, a place that’s notorious for feeding the wants and needs of everyone including every kind of sicko, weirdo, pervert, I came to the conclusion that maybe this rubber dolling craze wasn’t really so strange or out of place in Vegas. Wanting to know more I quickly did a Google search and discovered that what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas. Rubber dolling is real and it’s worldwide! As hard as it is to believe there are people out there who are really into this shit.

1000x1000What is rubber dolling exactly? Well, rubber dolling is another in a long list of sexual fetishes that had its start some twenty years ago in Germany. Rubber dollers take what transvestites and cross dressers like to do for fun and take it a step further. And believe me, it’s not a baby step but a giant leap!  Simply put rubber dolling, also known as masking, is a fetish in which men want to 51FkM30E-IL._SL500_acquire the appearance of a doll so they dress up as female rubber dolls. However rubber dolling goes far beyond simply dressing up like a doll. Rubber dollers wear a rubber latex, seamless, full body suit and a face with eye, nose and mouth holes. It’s sort of like wearing a skin divers suit. I suppose that rubber dolling could be seen as a form of extreme cross dressing. The key element of the experience is to completely conceal their real identities.

With the advent of a more realistic, supple, rubber latex, the rubber dolling phenomenon exploded. For as little as $850 for a basic model to $1500 or more for something more elaborate, any man with the dream of being a woman can purchase their new female form. The body suits are made to order and usually have Barbie doll type features. Most are exaggerated with huge breasts, thighs or hips, very tiny waistlines and exaggerated facial features. Many other, more personal options are also available. Encased in their latex exaggerated and accentuated bodies men can become the women of their dreams and live out their fantasies. Odd as it may sound there are many participants who want to actually become women and enjoy the experience without having to go through the difficulties and cost of transgender surgery.

63577_subitem_fullNo one knows for certain how many men are involved in the practice of rubber dolling because most do so alone or in small private groups or clubs, like the one shown on CSI. However, that is changing. In recent years more and more rubber dollers are leaving the comfort and privacy of these clubs and appearing in public. If you haven’t seen one you probably will soon enough. Estimates put their number in the hundreds of thousands worldwide. I can’t even imagine. I tell you, this really bothers me. It’s a strange, sick world!

Just a Thought…

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