“Happy Birthday Little Angel”



Today is my daughter Janene’s birthday. Happy birthday, Baby Girl! You are an incredibly kind and loving ‘young’ woman, a fantastic daughter, wife mother, friend, and teacher! You have surpassed our every expectation as have all our children. On this your 42nd birthday I wish for her only the best that life has to offer, happiness, joy and an abundance of love for all the days of her life.      Always remember “You are my baby, you are everything to me, no matter what your age you know you’ll always be” “Dreams Do Come True”…    Dad




A Message to our Little Angel

Janene having a daughter like you is a such a blessing. God must really love us to have given us such a special gift. We pray that as you grow older you will continue on the path of righteousness, always keep God at the center of your life and face each new challenge with promise and hope. Let the Spirit guide you and be your inner strength. Long ago I told you to always “Follow your heart” we hope you continue to do so. Know that your mom and I will always be here for you. We hope you have an incredible Birthday!

Love you,

Dad & Mom


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Throwback Thursday: “Money Matters! I’m Feed Up! Don’t Tread on Me!” 03/2012

“Don’t Worry Be Happy”                                                                                                                                                   Bobby McFerrin

Yesterday I had one those days again. You know, one of those “bluesy, should have stayed at home days.” Yeah, try as I might I just couldn’t seem to shake that melancholy feeling. Actually, it had started the night before when I sat down to do my taxes. I’d been putting it off for awhile, but with April rapidly approaching I figured I better get to it. I already knew we were going to wind up on the wrong side of the IRS so I’d been in no hurry to get it done.  And boy was I right! Last year we actually got a small return but this year we owe both the IRS and the Franchise Tax Board! Well, that’s what happens when you make a little extra money, you get bumped up into a higher tax bracket!  That coupled with fewer deductions and suddenly you owe the IRS! So now we’ve got to come up with a fair amount of money by April 17. Wait, did I say a fair amount? What I really meant was an UNFAIR amount!

Yeah, I really had taxes on the brain yesterday. I had really thought that by this time in my life money would be a non-issue, not that I would be wealthy or anything, but simply that money matters wouldn’t be anything to be concerned about, but of course that didn’t happen. Here I am at 60 dreaming of retiring in a few years, trying to work a plan to make retirement a reality, then Boom, the economy takes a dump and suddenly we’re paying more for everything, from the food we eat to gasoline, making it harder and harder to work the plan. Then, of course, there are always those unexpected costs that seem to catch us off guard, you know, the car repairs, appliance meltdowns, home repairs, any number of things, including state and federal tax payments.So with money matters weighing heavily on my mind, it made for just “one of those days.”

Now don’t misunderstand, it’s not that I’m worried about coming up with the money to pay my tax bill, that’s not the problem, I can do that.What really bugs me is that I have to pay it at all and I don’t want to! Hell, Uncle Sam gets a big enough portion of my check already without me having to tack on any extra! It just doesn’t seem fair!

It’s incredibly frustrating to me that millions of working Americans are paying our fair share of taxes to help keep this country afloat, while idiot politicians in Washington DC recklessly spend our money on needless projects. These self-righteous SOB’s don’t have a clue! They’re not only wasting taxpayers hard earned money but stealing trillions of dollars from future generations, creating the largest debt in the history of our nation and my tax payment does nothing to bring down that debt. What it does do is diminish my ability to save and my spending power!

I have to tell you, I’m fed up with all the self-serving Democrat and Republican politicians and all their bull shit! They cut and chop away at social programs and education, the things that once made our country great. Telling us to tighten our belts and make sacrifices for the good of our country, while large, deep pocket corporations who own them, continue growing fat!  Our country is going broke and we’re supposed to reduce our living standard to pay for their greed. I don’t think so!

While you and I cut back on our spending and are asked to do more than our fair share, corporations like B of A, General Electric, Boeing, and Citicorp. enjoy millions of dollar in profits while paying little or no federal income or corporate income tax!  In fact, 2/3’s of American corporations pay no federal income tax!  Add to that the 1470 millionaires in the U.S. who paid no federal income taxes and you can see why I’m more than a bit perturbed! Everybody should be made to play by the same set of rules, no exceptions. We should all be doing our part. But that’s not ever going to happen as long as greed is alive and thriving in the good old USA.

I tell you, somethings got to give and soon! Things are not getting any better for most Americans and we’re getting sick and tired of the political rhetoric! Politicians best see the handwriting on the wall, their political futures are at stake. Politicians are elected officials, they are supposed to represent us, the many, not the chosen few. The climate is right for change, the time is now!   We, the people, are fed up and we cant take much more of this crap. The American people united and revolted once before and were victorious! Perhaps the time has come to do it again!

Just Saying…

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Throwback Thursday:”Celebrating Scott Davis 2015 : Heart of a Champion Revisited.”

Every life touched by organ and tissue donation crosses a bridge                                                                      between death and life, grief and meaning, hope and healing.”

Saturday I awoke to the sound of Queen’s “We Will Rock You” blaring from my clock radio and rock me awake they did! I immediately hit the snooze button and lay there in the early morning light, not wanting to get up from the warmth and comfort of my bed. Outside the sky was overcast and threatening, definitely not the kind of weather I’d been hoping for, but twenty minutes later when we pulled out of the garage around 6:45 am, the streets were dry, there was no rain, drizzle or even a  hint of a mist. I could only hope the weather would hold and be the same out in Orange County where we were headed.


Group “Celebrating Scott Davis 2015”

We were on our way to the 13th Annual Donate Life Run/Walk being held on the campus of  Cal State Fullerton. The event benefits the Donate Life California Organ and Tissue Donor Registry and draws as many twelve thousand participants. Not that rain would put a damper on the event. It was set to go on rain or shine. Of course, I’d prefer shine and I’m sure everyone else did as well. We weren’t disappointed. When the actual walk/run got underway a little after  9 am, it was still cloudy, however as our large group approached the starting line the cloud cover suddenly opened up and we were treated to a beautiful blue sky and warm sunshine for the rest of the day.

We first learned about the organization from Raylene’s cousins Bill and Mindy Davis who became involved with Donate Life in June of 2008 when their youngest son Scott was seriously injured in a skateboarding accident. He died a few days later. At that time Bill and Mindy made the heartfelt decision to donate Scott’s organs to needy recipients. There are more than 123.000 people in need of transplants, over 22,00 of them here in California.  On average, 21 people die every day waiting for a transplant.  Their decision was a gift of life for several individuals.

11127238_10200613495815808_8298824705714912612_nLess than a year later Bill and Mindy took part in the 2009 Donate Life Run/Walk as a way to honor Scott and help raise support and awareness for the Donate Life organization. Each year their group’s numbers grew as more and more friends and family members joined them in honoring Scott.  We attended our first Donate Life event in 2011. Saturday’s event was the third we’ve taken part in. It feels good to be part of such an important, life-giving event. What an incredible way to keep Scott’s memory and the memory of each and every donor alive.

Unfortunately, we were unable to attend the ‘fish taco fest’ held at Bill and Mindy’s home following the event, but I know it was a real blast, it always is. Guess we’ll have to wait until next year for some of cousin Larry’s delicious tacos when we again remember Scott and those he helped to save.


What follows is the original post-Scott Davis The Heart of a Champion, first posted 0n 5/5/2011.


walkEarly  Saturday morning, April 30th, Raylene, Alan and I drove out to Cal State Fullerton where we met up with a large group of family and friends for the annual  Donate Life Walk/Run Family Festival sponsored by the Donate Life California Organ and Tissue Donor Registry. This is the third year the group has participated in this event to honor cousin Scott Davis who was critically injured in a skateboarding accident in June of 2008 and died after two days from severe head trauma. Through the loving generosity of his family, in death, Scott was able to provide a second chance at life to five individuals through organ donations. Davis’ family donated his heart, pancreas, two kidneys, and liver.

This year’s event drew nearly ten thousand people, the largest ever! I’m not exactly sure how many of us were there supporting Scott, but when we all got together for a picture, the group was huge! We all wore Donate Life tee shirts with Scott’s likeness and spent the time before the walk visiting with one another, sharing Scott stories and catching up. It was an incredible morning! After the walk, which took quite awhile because of the large crowd, many of us drove to Bill and Mindy’s home(Scott’s parents) in Huntington Beach for fish tacos and more family and friend time. A good time was had by all.

I really enjoyed visiting with family but I particularly enjoyed talking to Eric, Scott’s older brother. They were very close. He is currently doing his student teaching in Redlands. He’s teaching World History and is really enjoying himself. As I spoke with him I couldn’t help but feel his energy and excitement. I remember feeling the same way when I first started teaching. I’m no longer in the classroom, but I still feel the same way about counseling. Eric definitely has a passion for teaching and working with kids, he’s going to make a fine teacher. I know he’ll be very successful.  I’m sure Scott would be quite proud of his big brother.

Scott was an incredible young man who loved life. He had the ‘heart of a champion.’ Among other things, he was an avid surfer, wrestler, skateboarder and guitar player. He was busy living, and as his dad says making people happy. His last day was a full one as he reunited with three of his high school buddies who he hadn’t seen in some time. They were home from college for the summer and surprised him. They spent a good day together surfing, eating, hanging out by the pool and skateboarding. Doing what friends do.  No one could have imagined that their day would end so disastrously. His death was tragic. The death of someone so young is always painful and hard to understand. But God has a plan for each of us and this was His plan for Scott. Perhaps the plan was for Scott to give his life so that five others might be saved. The ultimate act of nobility.

Bill and Mindy’s decision to donate Scott’s organs was an extraordinary act of compassion. As cousin Randy would say, it was”OUTSTANDING!” Their decision saved lives and carried on Scott’s practice of making people happy. There are five people out there who are extremely happy and glad to be alive, and they’re surrounded by family and friends who are also very happy. You see, Scott is still making people happy!

Scott Davis

I hope everyone will take some time and give serious thought to becoming an organ and tissue donor. I haven’t yet, but I am considering it, I mean there must be some part of me that they could use. Through our support and contributions, we can help save lives. Scott did, so can we… Think about it…

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